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AU Emcee: Post WWII

The Master of Ceremonies survived World War II.

Max, Nazi sympathizer and owner of the Kit Kat Klub, closed down the nightclub when raids happened too frequently to neighboring establishments. The Klub was only ever a novelty, he insisted, and it would never have lasted anyway.

The unemployed dancers and musicians, and Emcee, looked after one another as best they could for a time. Most turned solely to prostitution. Others fled the city -- but to where?

Emcee stayed, sharing a flat with Helga and Herman. He stopped wearing makeup in public. He avoided places where he might be questioned for his dark looks. A child of the streets, he never had any formal documents denoting his lineage. But he knew.

And apparently, so did others. In 1942, Nazis accused Herman and Helga (both blond and blue-eyed) of hiding a Jew. They took Emcee away, after he pleaded with them to leave Herman and Helga alone.

He was sent to a concentration camp just within the German border. A yellow star of David and a pink triangle were sewn onto his uniform. His long black hair was shaved off. A string of numbers was tattooed onto his inner left forearm.

Emcee whispered songs to his bunk mates at night.

And waited to die.

In 1945, American soldiers broke down the gates, shot some Nazis, and set everyone free.

Emcee acquired new papers (and a made-up name) and booked passage to New York City. There he settled in a little flat in Greenwich Village among fellow artists and bohemians. Now in his 50s, at the advent of beat poetry and rock n' roll, he lives a relatively quiet life working for a local theater.

He still throws fabulous parties.